The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller



The Belfry OpenScad Library - A library of tools, shapes, and helpers to make OpenScad easier to use.


Reduce the burden of 3D modeling in mathematics.


An ever expanding library of parts modelled in OpenSCAD useful for 3D printers and enclosures for electronics, etc.


BOLTS is an Open Library of Technical Specifications.

Single Topic

Round Anything

Round-Anything is primarily a set of OpenSCAD utilities that help with rounding parts, but it also embodies a robust approach to developing OpenSCAD parts.

Mark's Enclosure Helper

A script for generating a two piece hinged box, with rounded corners, lid, interlocking rims, snap fit, magnet, or screw closures, and easy places for adding cutouts or additions to any face..

OpenSCAD threads.scad module

This is an efficient OpenSCAD threading library intended primarily to be used as a component in other designs. It supports metric compatible internal and external threads, auger threads, thread tapering, clearance holes, countersunk holes, recessed holes, hex bolts, nuts, washers, Phillips tips, and long rods which are extended with threaded joints. Whenever possible this complies with metric standards for the defaults of parameters, while providing overrides for many values.

OpenSCAD smooth primitives library

This library is a collection of some smooth primitives, i.e. having specified rounded edges, for use in other designs. It's not a comprehensive collection, but a useful set.

OpenSCAD Function Plotting Library

This is a general purpose function plotting library for OpenSCAD which will render functions with Cartesian coordinates (x & y input, z output), polar/cylindrical coordinates (r & angle input, z output), or axial coordinates (z & angle input, r output). This library is sufficiently flexible that it can be used for more than just plotting functions. As demonstrated in the included demo files, this can efficiently render ordinary objects with surfaces defined by mathematical functions.

OpenSCAD ClosePoints Library

This is a general purpose OpenSCAD library for easily creating diverse shapes by simply creating lists of points which trace out layers in an outline of the desired shape. The library consists of modules for creating polyhedrons from these lists of points, as well as functions to assist in specifying the points using transformations.