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Web developers

  • Improve the website - it's a github repository



Forum / Mailing List

Note: As of 2021-06-21 the forum and mailing list are not connected anymore. Please hold on posting there for now. You can use the mailing list directly via email or use the web interface linked above as "Mailing list archive".

Posting via the web interface of the mailing list may require creating a new login via using the same email address that was used for the subscription before.

IRC Channel

2021-06-15: Freenode, which hosted the OpenSCAD IRC channel for years has committed suicide and a new empty network was created in it's place under the same name. So please note that any OpenSCAD related channels or user registrations that might appear there are not associated with the OpenSCAD project.

2021-07-07: Warning: make sure to connect to the correct domain. Freenode decided to own and point that to their own servers. This looks like a very bad case of name squatting so please watch out for this.